Lively up is an independent music promoter based in Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean.  Founded in 2012 by Lionel Permal and Laura Hebert, two strong artistic minded person, believing that music plays a major role in the development of human being and more generally in our society.

At the beginning the main objective of the agency was to offer professional assistance to both artist and venues to carry out their live Projects.Enriched by his experience within the Blackmenbluz’s band, Lionel Permal, settled norms and a quality chart in order to deliver professional performances, which was somehow an immediate solution to the lack of professional structure that was facing Mauritian Artist.

The agency is then not only programming artist for various public and private event but is also developing new stages across the island. Showcases like “Jeudi Creation” have been organized on a regular basis aiming at promoting original creation to the local and touristic audience.

In november 2013, Lively up produces its own music festival called “ KAZ’OUT ”. During two days several artist perform on professional stages and music lovers gather to celebrate and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of an open air festival. To date, Kaz’Out Musik Festival became a major cultural event in Mauritius.

The dream of the founders is that one day performing art will take a much bigger place in the economy of the island.

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